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Last week I got a call from ABC’s Food Coach Lori Corbin, that she wanted me to do a story on probiotics – is it true what the yogurt’s are claiming? I have an expert – but she has a paid interest with a probiotic supplement company – telling me that not all the supplements are the same, that some don’t contain what they say they do – can you help?

Certainly, I said, probiotics are my game, my thing, but the topic is huge so let’s tackle it in parts. Today, I will discuss the foundation information on probiotics and their food sources. Also, full disclosure, I, too, receive compensation for my probiotic work. I consult for Align – maker of a probiotic and for Healing Movements – maker of coconut water kefir and cultured vegetables. I work with these reputable companies because they don’t ask me for exclusivity. They allow and want me to tell the whole story about probiotics; they want me to explain what consumers need to know, what doctors need to know, as they’ve staked their products success on the consumers knowing the whole story. (more…)

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