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So suggests the results of a study reported on today in the LA Times health section entitled The power of potassium — ” a new study suggests that consuming twice as much potassium as sodium can halve your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease” … best strategy is to eat less sodium and increase potassium.

My take:

Sodium is ESPECIALLY a winter issue as we try to warm up with soups which often increase our sodium intake and decrease our intake of potassium rich foods. Also, those trying to watch their carbs / blood sugar may steer clear of potassium-rich foods like banana, white potato and some dried fruits. AND with the economy, many people are turning to cheaper packaged goods or fast foods which contain way more sodium…money saved now but heart disease costs more later.

Tips to naturally improve potassium to sodium ratio in the diet:


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Fill vs FulFill

Three little letters can make such a difference…

For me its shoes, or maybe bags, but it could be delicious cheese or chocolate truffles, or….

What do these divine things have in common?

They are my “fill-ers”…the things I turn to when, despite my nutrition knowledge, ever-developing self-awareness, etc when I need a “fill”. What is a “fill”? Literal definition set aside, I’m defining a “fill” as that which we do in order to minimize or altogether avoid the angst, sadness, and unsettling sensation that emptiness can bring. So what are “fill-ers” well they are that which either by physiologic properties (calories, sugar, caffeine, fat) or psychologic ones, help us momentarily avoid the empty.

But they don’t make us Full. Or rather they don’t make us Fulfilled.

Reread. Fill-ers do NOT Fulfill.

What they do do is distract. They move us one step away from that which we are meant to feel.

Now one might ask, is that so bad? And, my answer, is….yes

Whatever our personal health goals are, one thing is certain, we can only achieve them if we are able to work on them. If we have panic attacks or depression and shopping or eating or not exercising has been our “fill-er” we won’t get better until we don’t fill, we stay in our angst, and we say “why” …what’s so wrong with empty?

Somewhere we became uncomfortable with empty. We defined it as ‘ without anything’.

What if we thought of empty differently…available for anything…whatever we choose.

Hmmm…just a thought

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Get Smart (er)

How much smarts you get from your food is as much about what you choose NOT to eat as what you choose to eat.

Nutrients our brain loves include DHA (an essential omega 3 fatty acid) and its precursor ALA, choline, and phytonutrients (plant compounds) with antioxidant properties.

DHA and ALA sources include:
cold water fish, walnuts, soy beans, flax seed oil, and chia and hemp seeds

Choline is found in:
Peanuts, cauliflower, eggs (especially the yolk), pinto / navy / kidney beans, cod, shrimp, Brussels sprouts and broccoli

Antioxidants include:
Berries, green tea, spinach, apples, kale, tomatoes, sweet potato, swiss chard, parsley and many more

Think of trading brain power rich foods at every eating occasion. Some ideas below:

  • Greek yogurt smoothie with peanut butter and frozen organic blueberries
  • wild salmon burger with avocado and onions and a side of sauteed greens
  • walnut, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon, organic berries, cacao powder, a little agave nectar and some almond milk tossed together
  • farmers market eggs – hard boiled – and chopped with mustard + flax seed oil vinaigrette and eaten in lettuce cups (“wraps”)
  • 3 layer dip – pinto beans, salsa, guacamole for veggies or homemade veggie chips (*recipe in my Recipes for IBS book)

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