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With the economy, food safety issues, and time efficiency all on everyone’s mind, the freezer offers one of our best tools for nutrition for optimal health. Get freezer savvy with the following tips. Did you know that whether its fruit, vegetables, fish etc. they are frozen right when they are picked and washed or right on the boat in the case of the fish. This means that they state at their “Peak Freshness” and also don’t endure as much exposure to potential contaminants en route to your freezer, table and mouths. What’s more, stocking your freezer means you ALWAYS have a healthy option available. With a quick run under hot water or a steam, make your frozen good fresh and delicious as part of or an entire eating occasion. What’s more, frozen goods last and last so you get your dollars and cents worth. Now, all frozen is not created equal. Frozen offers us the option to eat organic which saves us money in the long run too by maintaining good health. Especially when it comes to berries which we should be eating organic – and which go bad so quickly when we bring them home – grab some frozen organic berries and toss them into your smoothie in the morning for an ice replacement that provides cancer preventing nutrients and sweet taste. Frozen wild fish is another example of better quality and freshness. If you think you’ll be eating at home, take the frozen fish from the freezer and place it in a bow in the fridge and when you come home take it and some frozen (fridge-defrosted as well) organic vegetables and place them in a saucepan and pour vegetable broth (low-sodium please) and spices (fresh herbs from your garden…another health tip 🙂 ) into the saucepan, cover and boil / steam for 5-7 minutes…and voila a pan o’delicious meal brought to you from your freezer (did I mention it’s super healthy too).

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AKA Flight Kit

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to do “flight kits” – AKA nutrition makeovers for private planes as well as packs for those flying commercially. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you the products as well as the intention behind their selection.

The Kit (*denotes private plane use only as liquids won’t pass through security for commercial flights):

Blue Diamond unsweetened chocolate almond milk *
EO hand wipes
Granola Gourmet
Jay Robb brown rice, whey, egg white protein packets
Karma Kookies
Living Intentions nuts and seeds
Lydia’s organics crackers
Manitoba Harvest hemp seeds
Mason Natural tea powder packets
Metagenics Mycotaki
Natural Calm AKA Approved
Navitas nuts, seeds, trail power
New Chapter Host Defense
Orthomolecular D-Hist
Pangea lip balm
Stash tea bags and powder packets
Ultima Replenisher
Vita Coco (plain)*
Zico (plain)*

AKA Flight Tips:

1) Hydrate, It’s so much more than water
2) Don’t let the (air) pressure get to you
3) The “unfriendly” skies: Bad bacteria
4) Stay underwhelmed


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This week, I received this question from a client recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and trying to embrace a fully gluten-free lifestyle (it’s not just a diet, as gluten is found in hair, makeup, skin products and more). She’d been searching online and found conflicting info.

Here’s AKA advice:

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the vitamin E question as:

A) vitamin E comes from many sources, several G-free (nuts, seeds, greens) but also wheat / wheat germ is a significant source. Keep in mind that vitamin E is a fat (vs a protein which is what gluten is) so it’s an issue of potential cross-contamination not consumption

B) synthetic vitamin E should always be avoided – this is known as dl-alpha tocopherol

So how does one proceed? Its worth it to inquire of companies making products with vitamin E on the label or tocopherol (see below) about the source of their vitamin E

Note: there are several tocopherols and tocotrienols particles that make up vitamin E so when you see the word tocopherol or tocotrienol, the same considerations noted for vitamin E apply

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This was my fourth year at Expo West in Anaheim. In other years, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the American Dietetic Association meeting here, and to jump down for the American Association of Pediatrics as well as the American Urologic Association annual meetings.

By now, you would think nothing could surprise me. Ha!

I left the first morning having had a well-rounded breakfast, I even packed a snack pack of nuts as I knew from experience that doing the rounds with Lori would take us past my desirable 3 hour eating occasion mark. Furthermore, as I had even banked on and was happy to see there was a coconut water booth on the way in so I could ensure hydration and carbohydrate to balance out my protein and fat (from the nuts) for the perfect eating occasion. I don’t like to taste at these expos, I’ve learned the hard way that the resulting crash from a high blood sugar sampling is less than ideal on the 5 North in rush hour traffic…but I did find some nice dark chocolate and later some manna bread with nut butter so my eating occasions spaced out nicely with tea and water samples for an energy balanced day. With planning, and being well-rested, day one went really well.

However, on day two, I got Anaheim-ed.

Exhausted from the night before. I still started off great. I have a new favorite concoction – lucky enough to get samples of a soon to be released hemp protein powder from Manitoba Harvest — it blends without any residue and tastes AMAZING in yerba mate (unsweetened from Guayaki) and with some frozen berries it all went into my magic bullet and YUM!


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This weekend was the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim (for more on the locale’s offerings see EXPO-SE part deux) and what an experience. Prior to the show, ABC’s Food Coach, Lori Corbin, and I reviewed different press releases and product samples we each received to develop a game plan for the must-see’s of the show; when our morning drew to a close, I provided her with a wrap up of the trends, the substance, and the “really??? they are trying to sell that?” And then I left Lori, and for the next few days I roamed the expo halls trying to to get a deeper taste of what’s going on (and will be going on this year) in groceries, dietary supplements and accessories. Read  the highlights of my travels: (more…)

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Able to meet environmental challenges and come out stronger in a single bound …
Is it a Superman? A Superwoman? No, its an Adaptogen Herb…

A what??

By now, you’ve likely heard of antioxidants (and adaptogens have antioxidant properties but not all antioxidants are adaptogens)…but the new word on the street today is Adaptogen.

What is an adaptogen and why does its promise sound like that of a supernatural power?

Adaptogens are plants that grow, and have grown for numerous years, in some of the most challenging environments of the world – I’m talking Siberia, not battling traffic on LA’s 405 at 5pm…although the benefits of these plants include helping modify the effects of road rage – but here I get ahead of myself. So plants toughing it out all over the world, “adapting” to the environmental challenges, and not just existing but flourishing for years. It harkens me back to the line in the popular song “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…” And indeed, what healers for years have seen and more recently what researchers are validating is that these plants – adaptogens – act as agents that allow the body to overcome AND come out stronger (ie adapt to) stressors (including physical, mental, and chemical). (more…)

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