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That which we call corn by any other name, won’t smell as sweet, and may hurt our liver…as a recent study points out.

Read this one to learn that genetically modified corn (thats GMO corn, you know the stuff that Europeans won’t eat…) may cause liver and kidney damage. True, the study has only been conducted on animals so we don’t exactly know what this means for us.

But my take – when it comes to what I put in my body, I choose “food” versus “food +chemicals” or “ofod” – what’s the last one? that’s the type of food that’s been modified – if I we can’t read it or understand it, don’t think our digestive system will get it, nor will our body use it properly.

Keep it simple. Organic – it means no GMO seeds can be used so that’s the best way to get as close to GMO-Free as possible (thanks to the wind, it’s impossible to get 100% GMO free foods because the GMO seeds blow in the wind and land where they will)

Read more at Natural Food Merchandiser.

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Liked the yummy burger Rachel made today but worried it may be a health deal-breaker? Here are a few ideas where Delicious meets Nutritious:

  1. Rachel is right on to use herbs and spices – beyond great taste they (garlic, rosemary, chives, etc) provide potent immune support and act as natural anti-microbials (bye bye bad bugs) to support your immune system
  2. However, the cup ‘o sugar dropped into the cranberry sauce undoes the immune support good of #1 – reconcile in two great ways a) skip the sugar (the pomegranate juice will add enough sweetness) (more…)

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Want soft skin? Organic virgin coconut oil when you finish showering traps in the moisture for super soft smooth skin (run the glass bottle under your hot water to get liquid)

And as it softens your skin, it also protects you – did you know coconut oil is a potent anti-bacterial / fungal. In fact, New Moms – did you know that rubbing the oil on your nipples just prior to breastfeeding helps provide the baby additional protection vs unwanted bugs (the added benefit is it keeps the skin soft and helps protect you too). (more…)

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I’m having such a great day at a Greenbliss EcoSpa / Yoga Works event – I’m so grateful to them for including me and AKA. I wanted to share a beautiful Native American ritual presented to us as a way for you to have a retreat moment or hour as well.

The Blessing Tree ritual

A great ritual for birthdays and moments of crisis, this helps us find a new way to go when a direction seems unknown (more…)

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Seen this title anywhere lately? Well, I have! Whether its popular magazines, book titles, TV segments etc it seems that the Top 10-20 “super foods” are the nutrition topic of the moment.

Here’s the thing, while many of these foods are good, even great for us, their “super-ness” doesn’t hold a candle to some basic “super” nutrition concepts.

  1. Blueberries, broccoli, quinoa, cabbage- yes they are super BUT if we aren’t eating ORGANIC versions super just got served up with chemicals and less antioxidants than its ORGANIC cousin. So go organic with fresh and frozen and get the real benefits of these SUPER foods.
  2. A Super-Sized Super Food eating occasion ain’t So Super – ahh there we have it, everyone’s least favorite health tip: portion control. If we take a super food and have super portions its superness goes away.
  3. Super Foods – Are they Super in any Form? If a super food – say a berry- is super as is, what happens when we make it into a juice, a super fruit smoothie, a super fruit jelly bean (yes they exist), a super fruit leather, super fruit chewing gum – you guessed it, they aren’t so super any more.

And last, but most important, who says those not on the list aren’t super? I think apples are super, and so are lentils, I think parsley is super, and so are its’ song-mates: sage, rosemary and thyme…you get where I’m going with this. While naming a food ‘super’ focuses our attention on eating it – if we do so to the exclusion of all else Mama Nature created we lose out on nutrients, variety, the benefits of seasonality and more.

So be a super nutrition sleuth and read / eat beyond the lists of the super 10-20 this year.

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Made resolutions before that never really happened? This year make Real Resolutions such as the following (and see the contest I’m apart of – well, I’m the prize actually 🙂 )

Resolve to hydrate – and that means more than drinking water – for optimal energy and promotes weight loss too! (more…)

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I was recently asked for some Best Of tips and thought I’d share my replies with you. Email me your additions too.

Here are the lists:

1) Top 10 Health Breakthroughs for the 21st Century

  • Vitamin D is a hormone not a vitamin and we need a lot more of it and the right kind for optimal health than previously thought (vitamin D3 1000 -2000iu daily).
  • Probiotics – especially the Bifidobacterium strain – improve digestive function for optimal immune function as well.
  • Magnesium – as Mother Nature’s muscle relaxant it reduces stress (by turning off the fight or flight response), aids headaches, insomnia, and constipation. We need Magnesium as much as Calcium so supplementation as well as diet should reflect this. Food processing, dietary choice, and overemphasis of calcium needs have created conditional deficiencies of magnesium for most.
  • DHA for pregnant women to support fetus brain development, reduce risk of ADD / ADHD, autism, and allergies

2) Top New Year’s Resolutions

  • Resolve to really learn nutrition for optimal health as opposed to a fad diet
  • Resolve to get more and better Sleep: it’s Mother nature’s weight loss / health gain drug
  • Resolve to make time for daily activity by reducing the amount of time you spend seated in front of the TV or computer
  • Resolve to UNPLUG weekly – spend and hour, ten hours or a full day without your cell phone, blackberry, computer, games etc – what if you couldn’t be reached? Have someone else’s answers in a moment’s notice? Where would your imagination take you?
  • Resolve to eat organic – it’s just food (as opposed to conventional which is food + chemicals)
  • Resolve to really experience your emotions as opposed to eating / drinking them away – be sad (skip the sugar or alcohol), be tired (pass on the coffee or energy drink), etc. (more…)

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