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Seafood Safety Guide – Good Morning America Health

This spring, a confluence of events has exponentially increased my passion for saving our oceans, and those that inhabit them. I was invited to Monterey Bay Aquarium (if you’ve never been, run there asap!) (www.montereybayaquarium.org) for their annual media conference on Sustainable Seafood (Cooking Solutions). I learned so much about the innovative and intensive efforts that chefs, food companies, and farmers are doing to save and improve our waters. In April, I held a panel for the media on Fish Oil / Omega 3 supplementation as a means to explore what’s good (purity), what’s different (wild Alaskan salmon oil versus Peruvian anchovy and sardines), and how should we define “sustainable.” Did you know that 30 percent of fish caught today goes to making fish meal / fish oil – which largely goes to feeding farmed fish and livestock. In May, I attended an evening (more…)

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