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That which we call corn by any other name, won’t smell as sweet, and may hurt our liver…as a recent study points out.

Read this one to learn that genetically modified corn (thats GMO corn, you know the stuff that Europeans won’t eat…) may cause liver and kidney damage. True, the study has only been conducted on animals so we don’t exactly know what this means for us.

But my take – when it comes to what I put in my body, I choose “food” versus “food +chemicals” or “ofod” – what’s the last one? that’s the type of food that’s been modified – if I we can’t read it or understand it, don’t think our digestive system will get it, nor will our body use it properly.

Keep it simple. Organic – it means no GMO seeds can be used so that’s the best way to get as close to GMO-Free as possible (thanks to the wind, it’s impossible to get 100% GMO free foods because the GMO seeds blow in the wind and land where they will)

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