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How much convincing (and money spent) do we need that the chemicals used in non-organic farming are bad for babies and our kids? This study highlights the role of chemicals in relationship to ADD / ADHD. If your child suffers, or if you want to prevent – I recommend choosing organic wherever possible. Need ideas, see my Back-to-School nutrition segment from GMA Health (8/24) http://wp.me/smkEm-831

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Wondering which yogurt to grab? Many people are turning towards Greek yogurt these days and as the following LA Times article points out – there are some compelling nutrition reasons.

With a lower carbohydrate and higher protein content, Greek yogurt (note: this is not the same as Greek-style yogurt helps to provide a balanced eating occasion base. I agree with the article’s experts who advise starting with plain, nonfat Greek yogurt and then accessorizing to match your mood – want sweet? Add some berries and even cacao nibs…want savory for a delicious dip? Add fresh or dried spices. And so many things to do with Greek yogurt as I recently learned at a dinner event hosted by Oikos / Stonyfield Greek yogurt – my favorites are their tomato bisque and creamy mashed cauliflower …oh, and if I could make frozen yogurt like chef Akasha Richmond, that would definitely be on the list! But one piece of info that didn’t make it into the article – as my friend, dietitian Kate Geagan MS RD (author, Go Green, Get Lean) pointed out, “the higher up the food chain you go, the more important it is to eat organic.” I couldn’t agree more – who needs added hormones, or antibiotics by way of their yogurt – and recommend adding organic to the list of things to look for when you choose your Greek yogurt.

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AKA Contest Begins

AKA Contest Begins: What’s your favorite healthIER product and why?
Tweet @ashleykoff and tell me in 140 characters or less and if I pick yours you win a month FREE of that product – go on! Winners selected based on creativity, AKAness, and my discretion – winning entries will be posted here at the AKA fanpage. Ready set Tweet!

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Thanks to MD Anderson for this great, informative post. Net, net, ladies if you notice changes – get checked out.

10 Cancer Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore

If you’re relatively young and healthy, gynecologic cancers probably aren’t on your radar. But they should be.

This year, more than 80,000 women in the United States will get a gynecologic cancer, such as endometrial (a.k.a. uterine), ovarian or cervical cancer. In general, gynecologic cancers occur more frequently in women after menopause, although they can occur in younger women. While all women should be aware of these symptoms, women in their 40s and older should pay particular attention to their bodies. It’s crucial to know what symptoms to look for, says the American Cancer Society.

“Here are 10 warning signs you shouldn’t ignore,” says Karen Lu, M.D., professor in the Department of Gynecologic Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center:.

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding
More than 90% of women who get endometrial cancer experience irregular bleeding. For post-menopausal women, any bleeding — including spotting — should be evaluated by a gynecologist. For pre-menopausal women, bleeding between periods, heavy bleeding, or bleeding during intercourse should be evaluated.

2. Unexplained weight loss
If you’ve lost weight by exercising and eating healthy, keep up the good work! But if you haven’t changed your diet or exercise habits and lose over 10 pounds, this could be a sign of cancer.

3. Being tired all the time
Most of us get run-down from juggling a busy week at work, running errands and taking care of our families. But ongoing fatigue that doesn’t get better with rest can be a sign of a bigger problem. If you’re constantly tired for more than two weeks, don’t assume your busy life is the only cause. (more…)

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Ashley Koff RD’s “AKA Craft Services Makeovers” were recently featured by ABC-LA’s Food Coach Lori Corbin.  Watch the link to hear how AKA is making sets like Big Love, Private Practice and CSI:NY health-IER!


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In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to share 5 tips for making the work place a healthier, happier, and more satisfying environment for all.

  1. Kitchen Makeovers: Maybe back-to-school is the perfect excuse for a makeover of the office kitchen…just like your kids get new school supplies to help them through their school day, you and your colleagues can benefit from new kitchen supplies. Some of my favorites include my plug-in glass tea kettle; my 3M water filtration (under the sink so it says on plastic bottles while improving the taste (and health) of your water; plain coconut water (Vita Coco, ONE), Earthbound Farm organic fruits and vegetables (pre-washed and ready to grab so that you have an option when you walk into the kitchen that’s healthier and hydrating; my DIY (Do-it-yourself) blend of nuts and seeds (Stored in the fridge or freezer) so that there’s always a great topping for salads, yogurts or to grab a handful on the go, and a likewise and organic high-fiber cereal like Nature’s Path Optimum Slim.
  2. De-stress, naturally. Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm magnesium powder, Traditional Medicinals Daily Detox or other teas, Sprayology’s Body Balance, Urban Moonshine’s Organic Bitters, Ultima Replenisher (love the new Grape)…these are AKA must’s to help take the edge off at the office or before you enter your home / socialize. (more…)

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